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How Career Coaching Can Help

Career Coaching helps you Choose, Manage, Advance, or Change your Career.


Are there jobs out there I might like better than the one I have now?

What other kinds of work can I do, now that I have lost my job?

How can I make my current job more interesting?

Where do I start my career search after college?

How do I re-enter the workforce after staying home as a mom or care-giver?

How could I get paid to the things I do for fun?

How do I position myself for my next promotion?




 Resume | Cover Letter | LinkedIn Profile |Interviewing Prep

Job Search Strategy and Confidence Boosting

I had the pleasure of meeting Christine through the Mom Project, during what proved to be a challenging time. Recently laid off due to COVID-19, I found myself ready for a fresh start and a bit overwhelmed. Christine’s expert guidance helped me to reconfigure my resume and polish my LinkedIn profile. Together we worked to leverage my existing network and identify opportunities. Within a week, I was gaining traction with more views and phone calls, and several interviews. Six weeks later, I’ve accepted a role in a new organization, where I can focus on professional growth and continue to grow my skills. Working with Christine was an excellent investment – her enthusiasm and expertise helped me land a job that is a great fit!”

Jennifer Wiegman, Coaching Client

Where do I go next?

The average person will change careers 5-7 times. Managing our career is not a one-time decision but a series of decisions made over your lifetime.

Finding the right career path can take time and often we rule out options based on assumptions and misguided perceptions of a profession. 

The Strong Interest Inventory® (Strong) assessment can be used to aid people in making educational and career decisions. The Strong measures career and leisure interests and explores six occupational themes

Working Together

Through assessments and exercises we will clarify your strengths, talents, interests and values and set a clear strategy to reach your goals.

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Core Values and Career Visioning or Re-visioning

Exploring Personality Traits

Learning Styles and Ideal Work Environments

Defining Strengths and Skills

Articulating our Value and Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

Setting Goals and Creating a Strategic Plan

Productivity and Time Management

Resumes Review and Polishing Online Profiles

Networking and Interviewing Skills

Hobbies, Interests and Life Balance

Recharging Professionally

Self-awareness, Adaptability and Growth-mindset

Communication Skills

Coping with Conflict and Managing our Emotions

Full Scale Career Exploration