Help Your Kids. Help Yourself.

Parents often come to coaching when they need some insight and resources. Communication is often at an impasse and what they tried isn’t working. 


  • Values and Visioning so you can parent with clarity and intention.
  • Separating out your needs, wants and desires for your child’s future from theirs.
  • New communication tools.
  • Parenting on the same page with your partner. 
  • Feeling fulfilled and dealing with life’s transitions – leaving and entering the workforce, empty-nest, supporting parents. 
  • Understanding your child’s intrinsic motivators and executive functioning skills to help them succeed academically. 
  • Nurture leadership, communication and soft-skills to support the college application and career exploration process. 


Personality Assessments can help shed light on where we clash and help us react less emotionally.  

Each person’s unique personality is full of positive attributes. Being able to uncover the needs and motivations of these attributes is life changing.

Using the DISC Assessment and relationship mapping you will gain insights into the way your teen is wired and how to work with them where they are – as who they are – without trying to change them. You will, however, be able to change the outcome of your interactions by practicing the techniques covered in the Empowered Parenting/Talking to Teens training. You will also gain greater understanding of yourself and your own needs and tendencies that may be blind spots in your self-awareness and impacting your parenting.